Tip: Photo sharing

Most parents already have their own varying levels of sharing for photos of their children. The number and nature of photos shared with very close family is likely to be different to those shared with close friends, which again will vary hugely to those shared with the wider community.

Sadly, you face an additional risk of birth family — or their friends, or friends of friends — seeing the photos you’ve taken and making the connection.

The chance (and risk) may be low, but you need to bear in mind that geographical location is not a protective factor when considering the Internet.

Therefore, be especially careful when considering how you share images that depict your children in easily identifiable places in your own locality (or other places you regularly visit). This would include your child’s school, youth club, church group, local urban centre, and other key local landmarks.

Naturally you’ll still take these photos for your own personal family history, but you will be extremely selective about how they’re shared. Many photos should never be put online at all.

As a proud parent, it can be hard to resist the temptation to publish everything your child does. Unfortunately that’s one thing you will have to control, to some degree. You can always spend quality face-to-face time with close friends and family, sharing your captured memories in person.