Creating Strategy: Practical Considerations

Parents, particularly those of adopted children, have enough things to consider on a daily and ongoing basis without spending a significant amount of time worrying about everything that’s going online.

I believe it’s very important to put a system in place that offers the most protection possible, without it becoming a major inconvenience or a pain for you, your kids, friends and family to implement.

With the prevalence of mobile phones, tablets, cameras and “always-on” Internet access, you can’t know every time someone takes a photo or video of your family, shares it online, or writes something about your family that might identify you.

There are tips in the next section which will help you to minimise these risks, but at the end of the day, you’ll go mad if you wonder every time you see a camera, or someone is tapping away on a cellphone, that your family is at risk.

Having an online privacy strategy for your family is meant to provide you greater peace of mind. If, instead, it leads to paranoia and worry, you’ve either set yourself an impossible benchmark, or you’re analysing your surrounding environment too much.

When creating your strategy, consider major elements (use the strategy tips to help you) but don’t become obsessive. Remember: Keep It Simple (I won’t call you stupid 😉 ) — and above all, enjoy your family!