Online safety is vitally important for the parent of any child, but by nature of their history, there are special considerations for adopted children.

I wrote this introductory guide because — as someone who is currently in the midst of the adoption process — it’s a subject that’s close to my heart. I wanted to become informed about best practice before my ‘forever family’ arrived.

I have a technology background and am already pretty hot on security. Yet I always had a nagging feeling there might be some extra things to think about when it came to protecting the privacy of a family with adopted children.

Social media (the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on) can hardly be considered a brand new phenomenon now, yet it seems there’s so little concrete advice given on the subject. How are parents, many of whom are not hugely tech-savvy, supposed to determine what’s the best system to put in place — one that’s simple, consistent and effective?

I was surprised to find so little online (or at least, easily accessible and not buried or scattered throughout online forums) which provided easy steps for parents to take. So I set about writing one. Here it is.

Consider it a work in progress. It will be updated as I find new information and as best practice develops. I hope you find it useful in developing your own family strategy.